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We created a highly sensitive device, which can measure the level of bacteria and viruses in real-time, even in environments where strict cleaning practices are already in place. These include, but are not limited to, surgery rooms, medical laboratories, intensive care units, infectious disease departments, pharmaceutical companies, and medical offices.

Modern House



We are all feel relaxed in our own homes. But how can we ensure that home is still the safe place, it is meant to be. Keeping houses viruses-free is significant nowadays.  Make sure your family lives in a healthy environment and is not affected by bacteria and germs. Our devices will be a great addition to your comfortable and healthy lifestyle, and our range of colours and designs will suit any interior. Just say the word and we will come up with a unique solution to satisfy all your needs.



Have you ever seen an empty casino or hotel? Neither have we. These facilities are not only full but overcrowded at most times. And, sadly, not only humans are habitants in those kind of places. Viruses and bacteria of all kinds thrive with the crowd. How to ensure the safety of your customers and employees? Our detectors will help you out! You will get the most advanced protection and control.

Hotel Pool
Learning with Tablets



Our future: children and technology.  It’s our goal to protect them both.  The level of children's allergies is rising exponentially. There are not many ways to stop that spread, but there are ways to reduce the childhood of it happening. Controlling the level of environmental pollution is one of them. Our devices will keep track of virus levels in the school environment, where our stars spend the most time. You as parents, along with teachers, want to be sure that students stay in the safest place. Make it even safer with our highly effective biodetectors.



Which environment has the highest risk of spreading viruses and bacteria? Mass gatherings, of course.

Protect yourself and your surroundings - 

get Biodetector today, for a safer tomorrow! 

We collaborate with our customers and partners to provide you with the most suitable Biodetector for your needs.


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